Monday, November 15, 2021

Full Size Template Kits for John Welsford's designs

The plans for John Welsford's designs are not drawn at full scale. One of the first tasks the builder will need to do is figure out how to go from 1/5 scale metric dimensioned drawings to full sized parts on plywood. The process usually involves drawing grids, making sense of the drawings, plotting points, fitting splines and interpreting curves. Parts can be drawn directly on the plywood, or by creating templates.  Usually by hand, unless you have experience using CAD systems. Either way, it can be a difficult and time consuming process for most builders.

I know because it took me, an experienced CAD user, nearly 3 weeks to create full sized templates for my Navigator build.

It's a task that every builder has to wrestle with.

Until now.


Working with John Welsford, I have been developing a set of Full Size Template Kits for some of his designs.

These printable template kits are available in Letter (8.5"x11"), Tabloid (11"x17"), and E (36" x 48") and in metric paper sizes A0, A3 and A4.  They are also available in roll-form (36" wide x 8-feet long).  You print the templates on an ordinary home laser or inkjet printer, assemble the pages and cut them out to create the templates.  Then simply trace the templates onto your plywood to get the full sized shapes.

These are great for anyone just starting their build.  They're a big time saver and are accurate.

Want a closer look?  You can download some free demo copies so you can see exactly how they work and "try before you buy" them.  Each kit includes detailed instructions on how to use them.  Although some pages have been omitted from these demo copies, you will still be able to see what is included in the full versions by looking at the table of contents and the page arrangement diagrams.  You will be able to print a template, assemble it, test it, and see how it all works, all for free.

Template kits are available for Navigator, Pathfinder, Sei, Tender Behind, Pilgrim, Longsteps and Walkabout.

The template kits are now available for purchase as an instant digital download from Duckworks.  Or can have Duckworks print and mail the roll-form sheets to you.  Here is the link:


  1. what an amazing idea. well done to you both

  2. this is great. I see the frames, but not the planking in the demo file. do you have the planking also?

    1. Some of John's plans have planking drawings and others do not. If the design uses stringers, such as Pathfinder and Navigator, planking drawings are not needed. It's much quicker and more accurate to use the stringers to size the planks. Clamp a piece of plywood onto the boat, trace around the stringers, cut it out and glue it on. Designs without stringers, like Sei and Tender Behind, do include plank drawings and are included in the template kits.

  3. Joel, what a gem you are ! Thank you for making these available to us builders. Though I plotted lines for my 16' West Point sharpie, I'm using this method.

  4. I've got to say that I enjoyed the process of converting the plans to templates, but I was working without any time constraint and I didn't mind the learning curve. With that said, this is a fabulous idea Joel that many will appreciate!